Chapter 4 is a PR and Communication Agency Network focusing on Public Relations, Business Consulting, Marketing Consulting and Public Affairs in Austria and CEE / SEE.

With an extensive network of local subsidiaries and local partners, Chapter 4 offers its customers easy access to understand and efficiently serve the opinion markets in Austria and CEE / SEE. Our strategic know-how in the countries of the region already benefits many global companies, associations, professional service...Read more

  • Partner
    Thinking and acting as a network is the key to success. This applies to us as much as it does to our customers. From the very start, Chapter 4 has invested in...
  • "Plastic" top choice for bills over 30 BAM
    Friday, 29. June 2018
    Debit and credit cards are a steady part of everyday shopping activities of BiH consumers with 89% of them using cards at least once a week and 1 in 3 respondents dipping and tapping their plastic...Read more
  • Share football passion
    Monday, 28. May 2018
    As part of the donation intended for all elementary schools on Bosnia and Herzegovina territory, MARBO delivered on May 15 in Bosanska Gradiška (Elementary school „Vasa Čubrilović) and on May 22 in...Read more
    Monday, 28. May 2018
    This year, on April 24 and 25, the meeting of the C4 Network was held in Belgrade. Nice weather and great hosts made this MBM more than pleasant. Our dear colleagues honored us with a great lecture...Read more
  • Effective communication
    Friday, 27. April 2018
    Every person has predominate patterns that drive how they communicate and respond to situations. And very often, as consultants, it is crucial for us to understand who we are dealing with. So let's...Read more
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